What is MediRecUs?

MediRecUs is a not for profit organization registered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

The Beginning

MediRecUs started back in 2005 as an instrument to keep and leverage the relation between MediRec's users and MediRec's Team..


Only MediRec customers can be members of MediRecUs. This includes: physicians, nurses, secretaries, medical billers, administrators, and technicians.

User Groups

Users Group are the backbone of MediRecUs. Members of MediRec could actively participate in more than one User Group.

MediRec, Inc.

MediRec is a Health Information Technology company with more than 15 years of experience and a suite of products for the outpatient market.

With customers all over Puerto Rico and United States of America, MediRec still focus in technology innovation with a cost-effectiveness approach.