A MediRec User Group (MUG) is a community of users of MediRec products and services. MUGs are topic bound but not geographically.

A user's group is a type of club focused on the use of a particular technology, usually (but not always) computer-related. Users' groups provides "real life" opportunities for learning from the shared experience of the members and may provide other functions such as a newsletter, group purchasing opportunities, tours of facilities, or speakers at group meetings. MediRecUs provides its members (and sometimes the general public as well) with one or more of the following services:

  • Annual Convention

  • Mailing Lists

  • Newsletter

  • Internet Web Site

  • Study groups for MRCP certification exams

  • Periodic Meetings


  • Clinical Decision Support Systems

    Clinical Decision Support systems link health observations with health knowledge to influence health choices by clinicians for improved health care.

  • CPOE

    CPOE decreases delay in order completion, reduces errors related to handwriting or transcription, allows order entry at the point of care or off-site, provides error-checking for duplicate or incorrect doses or tests, and simplifies inventory and posting of charges.

  • Disease Management

    Disease Management is the process whereby persons with long-term conditions (and often family/friend/carer) share knowledge, responsibility and care plans with healthcare practitioners and/or peers.

  • Medical Coding

    Every time a patient receives professional health care services, the provider documents the services. Medical coding is the assignment of the appropriate codes for a claim creation.